Liam Flannery

5'10" Brown Hair, Green Eyes




The true power in Detroit for over five years, Liam has since moved on to higher interests. He refuses to leave his old city in “incompetent hands” for long, however and maintains that Raven’s time will be brief as he intends to find a “more worthy” successor.

He has a genuine fondness for Scarlet and maintains a wary alliance with her sire, Javic whom he once helped fight off possession by a vengeful spirit of some sort. Completely under Raven’s “beak” one might add. Liam meditates often on how he might free Scarlet from Javic’s bond so that she may take her rightful place at his side.

He also maintains properties in the city including a machine shop that is supernaturally warded (and occupied by a powerful ally) and a heavily renovated house that he rents out to film crews making movies in Detroit.


Liam Flannery

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